Black pudding isn’t for everyone. I know many people are squeamish about it, but I’ve learnt to like the stuff, though I doubt it’ll ever be my first choice.

“…this could be the best  blood-based dish I’ve eaten”

Hix has reinvented this bloody sausage, making an aromatic, soft, almost gritty ball, in a filmy skin that collapsed into a somewhat off-putting cobweb. Rather than being dense and tough, you couldn’t slice and fry this sausage. Its grainy form crumbles into dollops of not-too-irony, meaty flavour.

The “earth” half of the pairing is potatoes, somewhere between crushed spuds and mash. The pudding sits on top of this, with a drizzling of sweet appley, oniony sauce.

I can’t honestly say I’ll rush back to have this again (c.f. black pudding never going to be my favourite thing), but this could be the best blood-based dish I’ve eaten!

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