Okay, a confession. I’ve been to Yauatcha a couple of times before and I like it. In fact, I really like it – for high class dim sum I’m unsure it can be beaten. But – here’s the confession – I think the puffs tend to taste like mini-Cornish pasties.  And not in a good way. So to go there just to eat my last favourite class of nibble there seems a bit mad.

“So, basically, these were a revelation”

So, basically, these were a revelation. The sweet, thick gravy with melting deer meat was (yes really) a bit like a Cornish pasty, but in a good way. These were almost confection, with crisp, crumbly pastry comfortingly complemented by a tangy but warm filling. I’m not about to go back just for them, but with the other tasty treats in store at Yauatcha, I’d happily order these with a meal. Which will make Cornish pasty loving other half very happy!

30/100 of London’s best dishes