Back on Day 55 of my 100 Days of Play I had the absolutely pleasure of joining Kara Stewart Fortier (over Skype) on her brilliant podcast Playgrounding – recorded in the (very cool-sounding) Theory Labs at the Brewery in Los Angeles. The podcast is a wonderful and growing resource of interviews with the great and the good of the Play community – and Kara is proving that you don’t need to tune into the radio to get excellently produced and sounding audio content.

We talked about everything from my play philosophy to how I came to be doing 100 Days of Play and what the future holds for my exploration of play. One of the beautiful things about people that work in Play is how willing they are to share their experiences and advice in what is still a surprisingly small community.

I’d love you to have a listen to the podcast, as, I’m sure would Kara, and let one or both of us know what you think of it.

You can LISTEN HERE right now, and can subscribe to future editions over on iTunes or Stitcher.

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