At a startup exhibition you expect people crammed into small stands to pitch to you their new mechanism for connecting your Facebook feed to your lights, or recent crowdfunder to publish the complete collected works of graffiti artists in Bristol. But here was someone inviting me to try some wine!

But first: “Smell this”. I sniff the little card with a wet circle. “What do you smell?”. I eventually hit upon passion fruit – a distinctive smell but one that was hard to place out of context. “That’s right: did you cheat and look at the card?” Aha – I see, this is a game!

Next up: a sip of wine. “Does this have the same notes as the passion fruit, or more the cut grass?”

Pulp offer a fun little service, where they send you bottles of wines, with their labels covered, and invite you to play just the game I was taking part in. Taste the wine, guess which it is and which flavour-description it matches, and thereby explore what sort of wines you like. It’s all done by post (usually) and I quite enjoy the idea.

Might be one to order as a Christmas present, potentially.

Wine is constant proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy – (Misattributed to) Benjamin Franklin

Ease of play: 4/10 

Resemblance to play: 6/10 

Aggression: Low

Speed: Fast

Enjoyability: Medium-to-High (it involves wine!)

Potential frequency of play: Low

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