It’s getting a little embarrassing ordering two of the same dish. No more so than when it’s a cabbage side dish; especially one this unremarkable.

“In the best 100 dishes? I can’t see why”

Time Out’s write up of this dish emphasises how amazing it is that a cabbage dish could be superb. Given that Rachael and I both love cabbage (such a great vegetable – yes, you can overcook it, but it’s also so easy to cook deliciously), we both expected to enjoy it. But the fact is, this dish would only blow you away if you didn’t generally like cabbage and were expecting limp, over-boiled, wet leaves.

Yes, this was crunchy and flavourful. Yes, spices added depth to the already pleasant cabbage. And yes, it wasn’t a bad accompaniment. But in the best 100 dishes? I can’t see why.

Pretty much the only thing missing from the Time Out review was a line saying something like ‘Who knew vegetarian Indian food could be delicious?’. Er, everyone.

99/100 best London dishes